Harald Prinzler
Mikroelektronik, Fesseldrachen und Fotografie
Detmolder Straße 93
D-33175 Bad Lippspringe
Phone: +49-5252-7830
email: harald@hprinzler.de
URL: http://www.hprinzler.de
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In 1989 during eastern holidays I bought my first steerable kite as an adult. Soon I liked to fly other kites with two and one lines. Meanwhile I fly more single line kites as steerable kites. I like to fly softkites, so I am interested to get lots of information about these kites to verify them. Meanwhile I built several flowforms and I like their easy handling.

On my website you will find some kite related information and some plans of kites.

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Kite Aerial Photography

I started to think about kite aerial photography in 1991 after reading an article of Michael Haugrund in the german kiefliers magazin Drachenmagazin (DraMa 8/91 page 8: Aufsicht). But it still needed one more year to finish the first camera station and in 1993 I shot my first aerial photos.

On my web site you will find technical Information about Kite Aerial Photography and descriptions of my systems. In KAP Photo Gallery you will find some photos I took with a camera lifted by a kite.

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Electronical Projects

Most projects with electronic are related to kites and kite aerial photography. Most times they are small circuits.

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Let me introduce myself


In the year 1961 I was born in a small village near Braunschweig. Since 1988 I live in Schlangen, about 15km near Paderborn. I am married with Christiane and have 2 children, the daughter Marina (born 1996) and the son Fabian (born 1998). I work in a small company as an electrical engineer for software developement microcontroller for industrial electronics.

In 1989 during vacances on Römö I got hooked on kiting with an Ace. Since 1991 I started to think about kite aerial photography to get photos from bird eye's view. I am a member of the kite clubs in Paderborn and Detmold and I am a member of the organisation team for the kite aerial photography days in Bad Bevensen. Nearly all kites, most of them are single line kites are selfmade.

Looking for useable kites for kite aerial photography I built a Rowlands Flowform. I was impressed by the easy handling and the flying behavior of the kite. So I looked for any information about Flowforms, compared them and developed my own Flowforms. Meanwhile they are built all over the world. Since 1996 I published information, kite plans, kite photos and kite aerial photos on my own internet site.

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