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FF03A (Red Skeleton) by Yvon Hache

Yvon Hache from Dieppe in Canada has built his second flowform FF03A with plastic drop sheet and red tape. So the kite looks like a red skeleton and it is easy to see, how to built the kite with the inner profiles and the additional stripes or lines to hold the profile shape in the area near the trailing edge. The size of that kite is 2metres profile base length and 1.8metres spanwidth.


As far as I read from the KiteBuilder Forum he made some good experiences with that kite even in stronger wind speeds.

It was Yvon who made an english version of the Excel calculator for the Flowform FF03A. With his permission I could publish the photo of the Red Skeleton to get a good view *inside* the kite and I could publish his Excel Calculator for FF03A.

Thanks again, Yvon.

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