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Flowform FF05 - The real Molar

The goal for this kite was the real shape of a molar. The tips on the trailing edge are not on the outer profiles and the upper and lower leading edges are not straight. I started making this kite in spring 2000. It took a bit more than one year to get a successful maiden flight. I had to change the keels twice and had to sew additional parts to the inner profiles P2. (At the moment the sketches are not up to date, but will give you an overview about the kite).


This kite is not as easy to build like other soft kites. Even for scaling in different size for span width and length you have to make special calculations for the profiles not going straight on the length. You have to sew the pieces exact in the right order. There is no way to solve differences in length of the fabric after sewing.

In July 2001 I shot first photos on a successful flight of this kite. This kite seems not to fly as stable as the other flowforms I created. During this flight the kite swings a bit with the roots. May be it is a problem of the flying field, too. Wind came from sea and rise on dunes.





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