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Reducing inlet height by a fold

With a fold on the upper line of the profile at the leading edge the velocity will be increased and will cause a bit more lift at the upper leading edge of the canopy.

With this modification I could avoid folds on the profile on a foreign Flowform (sold by KeWo International). As lot of people have seen in some ocasions my flowforms show a small fold on the outer profiles, too. In my opinion, this small modification can help to avoid those folds on my Flowforms. too.

First, fold the profile near the upper line at the leading edge for about 5 millimetres and fix it with a needle. If this modification is useful to you, you can sew this fold on a length of about 50 millimetres.

The kite on the photos is a HQ Flowform 2.0 (sold by Invento HQ).



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