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Experiences with
Kite Aerial Photography

(2. Edition)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Definitions
3. Camera Station
General construction
Camera station for RICOH FF9 (no 1)
Universal camera station (no 2)
Camera station for panorama photos (no 3)
Small Camera station for RICOH FF10 (no 4)
4. Camera
Compact camera
Reflex camera
Video camera
Cameras with connector for electrical shutter release
5. Suspension
My Picavet-Suspensions
Kinds of fixing the suspension
6. Control system
Radio control
Shutter release
Turn the camera
Tilt the camera
Image orientation
Power supply
Modifying a servo for endless turning
Setting limits for a endless turning servo
7. Kites for lifting a camera system
My kites for lifting
Other kites for lifting
8. Technic of flying
Simple flying line
Loop line like for cable car
Angle of flight
Types of flying line
Dampening the line swing
9. Photo technic
Camera view depending on focal distance
Object movement depending on focal distance
Mode for focus
Object movement depending on change of flying angle
10. Security notes
Impact power
11. Literature and Information sources

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