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Point and Shoot Camera LEICA Z2x


After I had some technical problems with my compact cameras RICOH FF9s and RICOH FF10 I bought a new compact camera LEICA Z2x in summer 2002. Like the compact cameras from RICOH this one has the same electrical connector to trigger the shutter release by a simple switch on 2 wires. Another advantage of this camera is to switch off the auto focus function. The focal distance can be set between 35mm and 70mm. In my opinion the focal distance of 35mm is the best choice for a system without video monitoring. The weight of the camera is nearly the same like the ones from RICOH. The weight of camera, rig and suspensions is about 650g.

After a small modification I could use this camera on my rig #4. During the holidays in Denmark I took my first photos with this camera successfully.

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