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Kite Aerial Photography Days
in Bad Bevensen 2000

Monday (July 31, 2000)

During the afternoon the participants of the week arrived. Immediately some camera systems were fixed to the prepared line in the performance room and until late in the night we exchanged a lot of experiences.

Craig Wilson told how he prepare to take aerial photos. With maps and the angle of view by the camera he choose the right place for the camera to get the right photo.

Henry Jebe make aerial photos with film size 6cm x 12cm (about 2.25" x 4.75"). After scanning the developed film he get prints by a photo printer. Even with a image size 20cm x 40cm (about 8" x 16") he got excellent prints like photos.

The photos by Rainer Breuer are even with a size of 20cm x 30cm excelent. This depends on his SLR-camera with better lenses. Point and shot cameras, sometimes with plastic lenses, are limited to less quality. To release the shutter of the camera he uses a spring of a battery contact on a servo arm.

Tuesday (August 01, 2000)

After breakfast the relatives went on sightseeing tour to the town Lüneburg.

Some participants built with guidance by Ralf Beutnagel an antenna to receive the control image of a video transmitter with 2.4 gigacycles frequency. Other kite aerial photographers talked again about technic and kites.

Jose Wallois had a photo exhibition of historical kite aerial photographers brought to the event. He has built the kite Aerophoto in original size by Antoine Bernard. His special subject for kite aerial photography are old bastions in France. He took video tapes of the received signal by his video control transmitter.

At 02:30pm a photographer came to write an article for the local newspaper. After that there was a performance by Dr. Andreas Bürkert about the use of kite aerial photography to examine the plant growth of the Sahel zone in Africa.

Wednesday (August 2, 2000)

All the day the participants and relatives went for excursions. Most people went to the world exhibition EXPO 200 to Hannover, some went to the Car City in Wolfsburg and other went to the art kite museum in Detmold.

In the evening we all met together in the north of the town Gifhorn in a lovely restaurant for dinner. After the meal we went in a long convoi back to Bad Bevensen.

Thursday (August 3, 2000)

After breakfast nearly all participants and relatives went to Hamburg. After driving over the bridge Köhlbrandbrücke we parked all cars and walked through the old tunnel under the river Elbe to Sankt-Pauli-Landungsbrücken. Here we started a sightseeing tour on a small boat in the harbour and the old city of warehouse (Speicherstadt). Then we visited a store museum.

After visiting the harbour of Hamburg we drove the lock near the town Geesthacht, to take the first kite aerial photos during the meeting. The wind was not steady and only who got his kite fast in a useful height was able to shot some photos. On the other hand there were to much kites on the launching aera. Some persons made with high flying kites made photos of the lock. Soon it was time to drive back to Bad Bevensen.

After supper there wqas a discussion about future of KAP and the use of Internet. Some participants worked again on their antennas. Rainer Breuer showed an aerial video he made of the lock in Geesthacht.

Christion Becot build variants of box kites with successful modifications to kites by Cody and Pely-Box. His kite CRICO has on both side sail areas like half a rokkaku with arched center pieces. The kite need a flexible frame and flies in the wind speed range of 3 to 5 bft. The box kite looks like the older Cody kite with more diagonal areas for more stability.

For use for low wind or to get aerial photos of persons during kite festivals Christian Becot fixed a camera with video control on a fishing rod with 7 metre length.

Friday (August 4, 2000)

In the morning after the breakfast some people visited the city of Bad Bevensen. Other went to the mineral spring bath. Early in the afternoon the first participants of the weekend arrived. Some more camera systems were fixed in the performance room and more thoughts about KAP were exchanged.

Frank Louwers has a very small video camera and a very small video transmitter. But Craig Wilson showed a smaller video transmitter. Both bought the parts at the same company in the United States.

At 04:00pm we visited the ropery Ehlers. We noticed a line which is braided with reflex tape. Henry Jebe and Ulrich Monsees could get rest of lines with a useful length. For other people it was a good opportunity to buy cheap line of polyester polyamide and dyneema. In the evenning we had barbecue and afterwards there was more exchange of expiriences in the performance room.

Saturday (August 5, 2000)

At 10:00am was the official reception by the town of Bad Bevensen. After the FLiBB-Awards Andrea Casalboni made a performance about historical kite aerial photographers and indroduced replicas of kites and cameras.

After lunch we went on KAP-excursion to the fortress in Dömitz near the river Elbe. The wind speed was slow and not steady. But some people got the chance to take aerial photos. Of course the best way to take photos was to use light camera systems without video control and a kite with a useful height.

After supper we talkedonce more a lot about camera systems, technic and cameras.

Sunday (August 6, 2000)

Some participants had to leave very early. As usual the last day of meetings is signed by work for departure. All parts were packed for the travel. During the day some visitors from Bad Bevensen arrived to get a view on kite aerial photography. At 04:00pm the meeting ended and the performance room was cleaned.

The organizers and som participants, who leave later, visited the burial place of Otto Böhnke, who was one of the organizers of the meeting in 1996 and a special personage for kite aerial photography. For supper we were invited by Ingrid Böhnke.

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