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Sketches Flowform no. 4

These sketches for the flowform no. 4 are made by Alberto Bonati, Italy. Thank you very much for this fine and fast work. Take care, the datas for the flowform by Alberto are a bit different to the datas of my flowform. But, they work fine, too.


To lead the drag better through the keels it is better to make the keels out of more than one piece. First, draw a line through the half of the angle at the bridle point to the base line (use keel K1). With a base line of 5m I have to divide these pieces again. Take care to the orientation of the fabric.


Between the handmade profiles (p2, p3, p4) and the profiles calculated with my airfoil calculator KiteFoil 2.00 are some small differences in the profile shape. I think the flying result is nearly the same.